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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for your services?

NOTHING, ZIP, NADA, ZERO! That is right I charge you nothing for my services. This is one of the few times in life where the saying "it sounds too good to be true" does not hold water. We will leave the water holding to the pools and hot tubs.

I do not see my desired destination listed on Your "Vacation" page can I still use your services?

Most of the time YES! The vacations page is not an exhaustive list but the list of the partners I work with most often.  Also, many companies own multiple brands. For example, Sandals Resorts own beaches. Carnival cruise lines are apart of Carnival Corp and include Princess, Cunard to name just a few of the nine brands Carnival Corp owns.

Why should I use a travel agent when i can book the same vacation online myself?

I am glad you asked because there are many reasons to use a travel agent.
I can save you money! I can often save you money on your next vacation! Time is also important. Let me do the research for you. If something goes wrong let me know and l will go to bat for you.

You said you can save me money but you only matched the price that I can get by booking myself?

This does happen from time to time but you may not know that I am your personal advocate. With so many cancelations with Covid going on right now, it can really make a mess of things. A client of mine got their cruise canceled and there was an issue with the cruise line. Guess who spent 2 hours on the phone getting the situation resolved? Not my client but me. I saved my client two hours' worth of their time at no charge!

What are the other advantages of using a travel agent?

I can share my travel experiences and tips with you. Travel regulations are always changing I will keep you informed. and even if can't save you money that day I will keep an eye out for price-saving opportunities.

That is a lot of work to do for free why do you do this?

First, I love to travel and 2020 is the first year in many that I was not able to travel I am hoping 2021 will be different I want to help others to travel and get some much need relief! 
Also between you and me, the travel partners pay me a small commission. Although I am not pushy and do not promote certain brands based on pay. I am here to find the best vacation for you and your fellow travelers.

My company wants to give away vacations as an incentive for employees can you help us?

Yes, we are able to this contact us for details.

I am with a church or a charity and we want to do a raffle for a vacation?

Yes, many do this for example I can do a cruise voucher in various amounts and can be raffled or auctioned off to raise money. what better way to raise money by offering a cruise!

How do I know which trip is right for me?

There are many factors.
What is the idea of a vacation? relaxation, hiking, etc. 
Who is going with you?
I will ask a series of questions to try to find the perfect match!

My question is not on this list but I still have questions what do I do next?

If you still have questions you can email me a call (254) 321-9091 or fill out the contact form and I will reach out to you.

I would like to refer someone to you, will I get something out of it?

Yes, we do offer a referral program. Have the person you referred mention your name. Either you or the person who referred you must provide me with your name and contact number to I can reach out to you for your referral.

When will my referral be paid to me? 

The referral will be paid after the person that you referred travels.

I referred someone but I do not know when they traveled

For privacy issues I will not discuss travel details with those who are not on the trip. Reach out to the person that you referred if you want to confirm if they have traveled yet. If I contact you about paying out a referral it is safe to say they have traveled. If I have not contacted you about a referral either 1 they have not traveled yet. 2 They have canceled or 3 I do not have contact info for you.

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