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Should I become an agent?

Before we get into the FAQ's i want to introduce me and my agency. Del Bosque Vacations was founded in November of 2020 during the covid shut down. Why during the shut down well I got stuck in the house. This made me want to travel even more and it was difficult with all of the restrictions. So i made it my mission to travel and help others who were stuck inside their house travel safely!

Become an agent: FAQ

Should i become a travel agent?

Do you love to travel? Do you love planning and help others plan vacations? This maybe for you!

Who can apply?

No travel experience is needed however it is helpful. Think of it this way it is easier to sell something that you are passionate about and speaking from experience. 
US Citizen

Is Del Bosque Vacations legit

Yes, We are a member of CLIA or Cruise Lines International association. 
Even if you do not choose us make sure to choose an agency that has this is another respected Accreditation.

What are your companies expectation of agents.

This is up to you. You can dedicate as much or as little time as you wish. I started this as extra that I do on the side. 
This does take awhile to build up enough business to become a sole source of income.

What would be my work hours

This is a independent contractor job. This means you can work at your convince. Simply put it is like running your own business with me provide help and other assistance.

What is the pay like?

This is commissioned based job with commission split on a sliding scale of 70/30 and up. The more you sale the more you earn.

What can i sell?

I have a large list of venders i work with from cruise lines, resorts, theme parks etc. Personally it is best to specialize especially at the start for example Disney or cruises. 

Do you charge to be a host agency?

I have a free plan perfect for those starting out.
I do have paid plan but these may benefit those who are more experience/have higher sales.

Do you offer E&O insurance?

E&O is provided to all agents that is with my agency however you might look into a personal policy to be customized to your needs.

Do you offer seller of travel?

You can sell travel to resident of all US States with the exception those who require seller of travel like Hawaii, Florida, California, Washington etc.

Ready to learn more?

Then fill out the form below to get more info.

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Become an agent: Job Application
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